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Good Samaritan v 1.0.1

Eight app ideas rolled into one. Headlines, Glossary, Prayers, Parables, more!

The Good Samaritan app is great for anyone interested in learning a little more about Christian history and customs. We focus on breadth of knowledge, combining several app concepts into one neat package. There is a news feed to the Christian Science Monitor, a section with the parables of Jesus, a Prayer section with an overview of religious texts, common blessings, an overview of the holidays, a dynamic feed to weekly sermons, and the Psalms of David. There’s a glossary with a multitude of Christian related terms and definitions as well as biographies of 30+ individuals from Biblical, Middle-Ages, and Modern eras. Hopefully, with a little knowledge distilled onto your mobile device, you'll be one or two taps away from being a Good Samaritan.

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